The focus on community well-being and sustainability at the heart of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation’s mission is embodied in Collaboratory. Not only did the Foundation’s partnership with the City of Fort Myers and the Community Redevelopment Agency allow for the preservation of an historic building, the building and addition were designed as an environmentally responsible building. Key features reduce the energy footprint and stormwater runoff, as well as implement other essential, sustainable practices as specifically outlined in the accompanying video.

A sampling of Collaboratory’s key design features include:

  • 99.45% of stormwater runoff (up to a 30-year event) will be retained on-site through permeable pavers and low-impact design features that allow water to filtrate rather than flow off the site and into storm water systems.
  • Energy footprint and costs for operating Collaboratory are projected to be one-half of that of a conventional office building in South Florida because of a highly efficient air conditioning system.
  • The health and well-being of occupants is supported through superior indoor air quality provided by the outdoor air-scrubber system combined with an abundance of plants and an interior living wall.
  • A 45% reduction in indoor potable water use will be achieved through water-efficient plumbing features.

Additional sustainable building benefits will also:

  • Reduce operating costs and allow the Community Foundation to focus funds on achieving its regional mission.
  • Significantly reduce environmental impacts, including on our fragile water systems.
  • Provide a living example for all who live, work, visit, learn and create change in Southwest Florida.

Gulf Coast Live (WGCU) Discussing the Environment on Earth Day