Co-collaborator/partners who call Collaboratory home share our commitment to creating sustainable solutions to Southwest Florida’s pressing environmental, economic and social challenges. This common bond connects a vibrant network of like-minded entities under one roof. Among Collaboratory tenants are:

Captains For Clean Water

Captains For Clean Water began as a group of local fishing guides that grew increasingly concerned with the state’s water management practices. They banded together to advance education, public awareness and scientifically supported solutions that inform policymakers in order to restore and protect marine ecosystems and water-quality for future generations.

The Ingenuity Lab

The Ingenuity Lab advocates learning and practicing inventiveness in order to generate positive economic growth with its Ingenuity Canvas application, which focuses on identifying usable ideas, maximizing available resources and adapting fast and smart in order to create a thriving and sustainable organization.


Ecomedes empowers construction project-managers and procurement managers with the ability to forecast and analyze return-on-investment scenarios using environmentally friendly building materials, establishing a sound economic case for sustainable building practices.


SecondMuse seeks to build resilient future economies that provide for both people and the planet. Here in Southwest Florida, the global organization will function as a community-sourced incubator to advance a vibrant, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem and enhance the region’s non-profit sector. Plans include assisting Collaboratory with programming and capacity-building among the entrepreneurial ecosystem which will include nonprofits.

SWFL Children’s Charities

Under the leadership of its Board of Directors and with the passionate and generous support of its Trustees, the SWFL Children’s Charities has donated more than $22.8 million to local pediatric health care initiatives over the past 11 years.

Its annual Wine & Food Fest has become the most successful fundraising event in Lee County and one of the top-grossing wine fests in the country.

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